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AC Repair Service In Dwarka


AC Repair Service in Dwarka

It is common for an air conditioner to stop functioning due to its constant use on hot days in summer. And a stop in its functionality makes you feel uncomfortable and unable to beat the heat. In such a condition, you generally look for AC repair services in Dwarka or your locality to make your air conditioner work well and your space have a cooling effect. Backed by highly skilled and experienced technicians, we, SS Air Conditioners, can help you get rid of the issues with our highly cos-effective services for AC repair in Dwarka. Before we work on your AC, our technicians thoroughly inspect it to find the problems and suggest to you what can be done to make it back to its previous functional status. In addition, we offer affordable services for AC maintenance in Dwarka to make you have peace of mind throughout the season.

Common Problems with Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are a complex cooling system. And due to this, there is a high probability of going several things wrong with your AC. As a result, your air conditioners stop making your home or business setup cool. Know some common AC problems to keep yourself informed. It will help you decide when you should get your AC repaired. No proper cooling is one of the most visible reasons you may notice when your air conditioner has any issues. It happens due to dirt & dust accumulation in the filter of your AC. The dirt accumulation interrupts the function of your air conditioner, which causes reduced airflow over the evaporator coils. It leads to the evaporator frosting and reduced airflow, causing not enough cooling.

When you notice a subsequent rise in the sound of your air conditioner, you must consult a technician offering AC repair services in Dwarka. Unusual sounds/noises mean the joining of the motor might have some looseness. If it is detected, you need to replace the belt during the execution of an AC repair job at your site. Further, refrigerant leaks, broken isolation feet, malfunctioning components, or loose parts cause unusual noises from your cooling system. Some of you may experience your air conditioner stopping its function unexpectedly. It usually happens due to the build-up of dust, dirt, and grime in the air ducts. This causes a blockage, reduced airflow, and frozen evaporator coils that make your AC stop its function.


Ac coil issues are common problems that an air conditioner has after some time. The issues in the evaporator coils occur due to lower refrigerant levels. A frozen coil means airflow problems caused by blocked ductwork or dirty air. Some other factors can badly affect the condenser coils of your air conditioner. Under our job of AC repair in Dwarka or AC maintenance services in Dwarka, we look for it and sort out it to make your air conditioner work well. Further, your air conditioner might have problems with its fan blades. The compressor unit has a fan, which transfers heat from the inside of your home/office to the outside. Any issue in the operation of this fan can cause no heat transfer and result in overheating. Made of metals, the fan blades may have broken or bending, harming the structure and resulting in function obstruction.

A problem with the electrical supply is also a common issue that happens with an AC unit. If you notice it, you should reset the electrical switch. You must look for an AC repair service in Dwarka when resetting the electrical switch doesn’t help you get rid of the electrical power supply. Your air conditioner might have a water leakage, which is another visible issue. It is the issue that you must address as you notice it. In the case of any delay, it can lead your home or workspace to have a fir outbreak caused by a short circuit. Our technicians thoroughly inspect the complete cooling system and sort out the water leakage problem.

What Do We Do Under Our AC Repair or Maintenance in Dwarka

To make your life comfortable at home or work and beat the scorching heat in summer, we offer an extensive array of AC repair services in Dwarka. To make you satisfied and give the right value for your money, we customise our service of AC repair in Dwarka. You can hope of having the following services while getting in touch with your AC repair needs:

  • Checking system operating pressures
  • Checking whether electrical terminals are tight or not
  • Condensing unit coil cleaning
  • Evaporator coil cleaning
  • Oil in fan motors (if needed)
  • Washing of unit
  • Refrigerant level check
  • System operating temperature check
  • Thermostat and sensor check
  • Testing of condensate trays, drains, and p traps
  • And allied others